Clausthaler Extra Herb Testberichte

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  • Geschmack:  gut
  • Erfrischungsfaktor:  mittel
  • Wirkungsgrad:  hoch
  • Nachwirkungen:  keine
  • Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis:  durchschnittlich

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  • Alkohol <0,45 % vol.
  • leicht, alkoholfrei

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  • Nachgeschmack zu herb, teuer

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  • Lieber Clausthaler als Gefängnis!!

    • Geschmack:  gut
    • Wirkungsgrad:  sehr hoch


    Alkohol <0,45 % vol.





    Ok, this is just another test of Clausthaler Extra Herb. I am a Dane living in Hungary. In Hungary the limit of alcohol in the blood, if you want to drive a car or motorcycle, is 0,0 promille.... And you don't even dare to try driving after a couple of beer, or even one! So, even though I really like beer, and wine, there is no way to avoid non-alkoholic beer if I still want to drive and I certainly do not want to drink coca-cola along with me steak! After tasting a LOT of alkoholfreies beer, Hungarian, Danish, German, Austrian etc. etc. and the selection is really wide here, I finally found the Clausthaler Extra Herb. There is absolutely NO doubt, this is the BEST! It's is dry, tasts almost