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Erfahrungsbericht von Blux78

Blux78 sagt zu outdoorfan.de

  • Warenverfügbarkeit:  fast immer vorrätig
  • Lieferschnelligkeit:  sehr gut
  • Information & Kundenservice:  sehr gut
  • Umgang mit Reklamationen:  sehr gut
  • Preisniveau:  preiswert
  • Verpackung:  gut
  • Produktpräsentation:  gut
  • Sortiment:  groß
  • Sind Sie Kunde?:  ja
Outdoorfan.de is a good webshop with great quality products and above all a very satisfying customer experience. When ordering a product from another webshop, it took very long and I didn't receive any reaction to my e-mails. That's why outdoorfan.de was a fresh breath: I found the same products at their website, they are very quick to respond, very courteous and correct and my ordered product was sent to me very fast. Anyone who wants to order within Europe from a reliable and good running shop, is at the right place at outdoorfan.de.

Highly recommended!

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