Clausthaler Extra Herb Testbericht

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Auf gelistet seit 08/2003
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  • Geschmack:  gut
  • Erfrischungsfaktor:  mittel
  • Wirkungsgrad:  hoch
  • Nachwirkungen:  keine
  • Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis:  durchschnittlich

Erfahrungsbericht von ChrisZ

Lieber Clausthaler als Gefängnis!!

  • Geschmack:  gut
  • Wirkungsgrad:  sehr hoch


Alkohol <0,45 % vol.





Ok, this is just another test of Clausthaler Extra Herb. I am a Dane living in Hungary. In Hungary the limit of alcohol in the blood, if you want to drive a car or motorcycle, is 0,0 promille.... And you don\'t even dare to try driving after a couple of beer, or even one! So, even though I really like beer, and wine, there is no way to avoid non-alkoholic beer if I still want to drive and I certainly do not want to drink coca-cola along with me steak! After tasting a LOT of alkoholfreies beer, Hungarian, Danish, German, Austrian etc. etc. and the selection is really wide here, I finally found the Clausthaler Extra Herb. There is absolutely NO doubt, this is the BEST! It\'s is dry, tasts almost like normal beer when it\'s cold, 6-9 degrees. All other nonalcoholic beers, that I have tasted, is either totally tasteless or awfully sweet. Lot\'s of our friends agrees as well, also the most skeptical ones. The price here is appr. 0,95 EURO, more than the double of some of the others, but it\'s worth it when comparing to the taste of for example Schlossgold.

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